The Tole Research: Autism Facts that parent should know

Autism is very common

People always think that autism is a rarely disorder but it is not. Autism is very common in this planet. Example, kids with autism in US is 1 in 88. Boys are 4 times more than girl. It had become a faster growing development disability in US.

Genetic is not the only reason cause autism

Genetic might be one of the factor causes autism but not the only. Autism can causes by environment, chemical expose and others reason. The Tole research find out autism may causes by environment and genetic. Some of the autism patients is causes by environment only but most of them are causes by genetic and environment.

Diagnosed Autism should not only look for the symptoms

Diagnosed autism is not easy. Autism Specialist will need to have a lot of progress to gather the information. Autism specialist will give a questionnaire to patient, patient’s parents and maybe for the patient’s teacher. The diagnosed progress includes speaking test, communications test, some screening and so on. More information they have, the mistake they made will become less.

Treatment or medicine without side effect is available

Chinese Master recommended giving brain powder to the kids. The brain powder is created using Chinese Master’s Chinese Herbs formula. Autism Brain Powder can help to balance the body energy and help to improve the focus level.

Chinese Master believes a better result can be show, if taking the brain powder herbal treatment with neuro acupuncture and diet treatment. Chinese Master have a well practice in neuro acupuncture. He had treated many patients with autism using neuro acupuncture.

If your kids with autism or you would like to have a no bad side effect treatment, you can try this natural treatment –Neuro Acupuncture and Brain Powder Treatment for Autism (The Tole). No risk for try.

Autism still cannot be cure by any medicine or treatment

Now a day, the medical system is growing faster but scientist still haven’t figure out what is the main things causing autism occur. Autism specialist can only using the western medicine to reduce the symptoms of autism. However, the western medicine will bring bad side effect to the kids.

Autism has their strength

People always think autism in a negative way because people with autism are ‘special’. But most of them have given some goods to the world. They are creative, passionate, warm, open minded people.

Early treatment can have a big change

Diagnose autism early and start the treatment early can help to improve the brain development.

I need help! Where can I get help for autism?

If you need help or you need more information, you can visit here – . They have a professional and well practice Chinese physician. They had treated a lot of autism/ADD/ADHD kids and adults. They are very well known in Malaysia and other country.



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